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Three Benefits of Hiring Interior Designers in London

After moving into the home of your dreams, you may be left with feelings of frustration due to how much of your home you need decorated and little inspiration to do the work on your own. From choosing paint for the walls to selecting a sofa for your living room, hiring an interior designer can help make the entire experience so much easier. As one of the leading interior designers in London, we can help get your home furnished and decorated so that it reflects your own personal style and begins to feel like home.

  1. Professional Results: As luxurious interior designers, we have the experience and inspiration to help your home stand out and still feel like home. Taking account of all the latest trends and knowing what works for the existing bones of your home allow us to design rooms in your home so that the results are breathtaking.
  2. Making the Most of Your Home: From smaller sized living rooms to a large master bedroom, we’re able to choose furniture and decorations to best suit the size of your home. Instead of worrying about rooms looking cramped or the pieces for sale being a poor choice for the square footage of your home, our experts can select pieces that flatter your home.
  3. Saving Time: An appealing reason to insist on professional help for interior design is that the planning and actual decorating can suit your timeline. If you have a set date of when you’re moving into a recently purchased home, you may want the furnishing to be done very soon so that it’s perfect the day that your move in. Our experts can help arrange our services so that your home is ready to be lived in very soon.

If you’re interested in getting started with professional interior designers specialized in luxurious homes, we urge you to contact us right away so that we can start transforming your house into your dream home.

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Architect Designed Properties: 3 Reasons Location Matters

When you’re looking for an upscale property, one of the top features on your list of must-have’s is always location. A home’s location determines how quickly a home will sell, and if you’re in the market for a new architect designed property we’re pretty confident that you’re interested in its location as well, and there are a few reasons why.

Reason #1: Convenience

When you’re looking at luxury properties, one of the key features it must offer is an excellent level of convenience. You want to ensure that it’s located close to all of the most popular amenities. For example, having easy access to the most popular restaurants and shops is an excellent selling point. If you’re looking for a luxury property, convenience is probably near the top of your list of requirements. An excellent example of this is found in one of our most recently designed properties in Belgravia.

Reason #2: The View

architect designed properties 300x199 Architect Designed Properties: 3 Reasons Location Matters

Architect Designed Properties

It’s no secret that having an incredible view is vital for any luxury property. There’s something serene about looking out over the water, or being able to see the city lights down below during the evening. A picturesque view sets the stage for many delicious meals on the terrace, and many prospective buyers won’t even consider a luxury property that doesn’t include a view as one of its main features.

Reason #3: The Ability to Add Space

For any architect designed property, it’s important to be able to add additional living space. Luxury is synonymous with size, and any luxury homeowner desires to have a property that provides ample living space. Many of the best locations are in the city, so building horizontally is not an option. However, when conditions are right, as they were in the Belgravia property, mentioned above, vertical building is certainly an option that should be explored. Multiple levels within a luxury home provide an excellent amount of living space, which adds to the home’s appeal.

If you’re looking for an architect designed property, we’re quite confident that location is important to you. We can not only assist you in finding the right one, but we also offer interior design services to enhance your space according your unique specifications.

If you would like more information, please contact us today.

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Three Reasons to use Landmass London’s Interior Design Services

Interior design services are distinctly different from interior decorating services. Interior decorators are skilled at choosing colours, patterns and prints for your home. Designers can do all of the same but, unique to their profession, is the ability to create the very essence of your home – an atmosphere that reflects the unique characteristics and personality of, you, its owner.

Designers craft the heart of your home: Designers pair your chosen colours, favourite styles, creative lighting and unique art with their specialised training in layout and design. This winning combination allows our professional interior designers to create a beautiful space for you to relax, entertain and, ultimately, call your sanctuary.

Designers guarantee your satisfaction: Home-repair or novice design and do-it-yourself projects don’t come with a money-back guarantee. Using a professional designer to complete your interior design project ensures your complete satisfaction with the finished product – as well as the assistance of a well-trained design artist capable of accomplishing your vision.

Designers are current on trends, tips and tricks: Design artist’s make it their business to know every colour trend, up-and-coming artist, in vogue furniture and new lighting technique. They’re skilled in creating every look – from modern to vintage to art deco. They know the materials and styles to avoid, the ones to modify and the ones to implement. Their expertise promises you a home that’s both tasteful and on trend.

belgravia mews interior design 199x300

Interior Design Services

To get an idea of what Landmass can do for your existing property or if you looking to purchase another property and start a project from scratch, we were featured in highlighting the sale of Belgravia Mews, In one of London’s finest addresses in Belgravia, a Victorian house has been reconfigured by the Landmass design team from a dilapidated, uninhabitable Grade II listed house to a contemporary three bedroom home over five floors. It has sold for what is the most expensive single mews on record.

Contact us to speak with one of our interior design professionals or for assistance in finding your luxurious new London property. We look forward to assisting you!

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London Mews Development Sold for Record Price by Landmass London

What could be 2014’s Best Residential Property; a London mews development has sold to an international buyer for nearly £7 million, designed by renowned developers Landmass London.

From an uninhabitable and dilapidated Grade II listing to a beautiful and contemporary three bedroom home over five floors, the mews development of Victorian style in Belgravia has been completely reconfigured by renowned developers, Landmass London.

Purchased for close to £7 million by an international buyer, this mews development could easily be this year’s Best Residential Property 2014 award winner. The home is considered to be the most expensive of its kind in London in the last 18 months; with house prices on the rice, nearly 7.5% in 2013, this could very likely be a fantastic investment by the new owner.

a model example of chic London living’ – Evening Standard

Offering a gorgeous roof terrace facing a southerly direction, amazing use of space planning to maximise every usable space possible, and a huge introduction of natural light throughout, this home is an absolute gem. The Sunday Times and Evening Standard tout the mews development as “extravagant” and “a model example of chic London living.”

In addition, the home adds serious “wow factor” with the retractable glass ceiling above part of the reception room and glass flooring below which allows the natural light to reach the lower ground floor. Instead of that lower ground floor feeling like a typical lower level space, this one has ceiling heights set at 3.2 metres, giving the feeling of a full size upper level floor.

All across London, especially in the Prime Central area, these mews developments are being gobbled up very quickly. Much of the reason for such a run on one particular type of property is the uniquely British feel of these homes, showing on the outside some of the old world charm while inside they can be fitted with all the modern luxuries anyone could ask for. In addition to the look and feel, many of them are located in some of the most historic areas of London such as Knightsbridge, which required the rules of conservation be followed throughout the area.

Landmass Managing Director, Alan Waxman stated these homes are popular as well because “you can also lock up and leave the house as you want with no huge annual service charge.” Landmass London has been remodelling homes such as this in London for over fifteen years, and according to Waxman speaking about rebuilding another exciting mews development, “at the time it was just a hole in the ground with four walls around it. We’d dismantled the interior of the house and dug down 3.4 metres. No one has done this in a London mews before.” According to the Telegraph, the nine-metre waterfall tumbling to the bottom of the basement is “an underground paradise.”

By this thinking, this gorgeous London mews development that warranted such a massive price tag is not only beautiful to look at on the outside with the old world charm, chic and new on the inside, but also is a real trailblazer for other mews developments to follow.

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Landmass London: Into The Light

Nobody wants to live in a dark, dingy property. We look at ways to maximise the natural light in your home.

Ask people what they want from a house and the words ‘airy’ and ‘light-filled’ will inevitably crop up. But this isn’t easy to achieve in the UK, where space is tight and houses often closely packed. Yet there are ways to bring light to even the dimmest of properties. Often it just takes a little imagination.

‘We did one house that only had windows at the front,’ says Alan Waxman, managing director at London property developer Landmass. ‘It was a rectangular mews house that was enclosed on three sides. So we took out a 4m x 4m corner of the property and put a retractable glass roof on the top. Below it we had a bespoke, copper-and-limestone waterfall that went down three stories. That introduced a lot of light to the house.’

Grosvenor Crescent Mews SW1 edopt 300x222

Naturally, not everyone’s budget extends to bespoke, three-storey water features (‘No one had ever done this in a house in London,’ says Waxman.) There are, however, more straightforward approaches to the problem.

‘We also used one single paint colour for the whole house,’ he says, adding, ‘It’s not just about creating the maximum light, but also making the most of that light. The reason we use a single paint colour is to give that illusion of space and light.’ This, admittedly, requires a certain level of care. ‘Steve Jobs looked at 32 shades of white for Apple, and those are the kind of lengths we go to, too.’

GCM17 Belgravia London opt 300x199

But if you want to bring light to a house, adding windows and skylights will, of course, help. ‘We did something unique on our last property,’ says Waxman. ‘Next to the front door we added a clear glass panel, which lets in a lot of light. Most people wouldn’t want that because of the privacy issues, but you’re only looking into a hallway and it allows you to enjoy the views out. And it’s bandit-proof, so you still have the security.’

bmn collage2 edopt 300x231

But there’s more to creating light than simply chucking in vast panes of glass. ‘If you have glass built into the wall it can look very cold,’ says Waxman. ‘We’ve had ours framed in walnut, so you get that contrast between the warmth and the coldness that exercises the imagination. A super-contemporary glass wall can look very cold. By framing it in walnut, it sets it off and becomes a decorative piece.’

If you’re renovating a house from scratch, Waxman has some more general advice. ‘The higher the ceilings, the fewer the rooms and the more glass you can introduce, the better it is when it comes to creating light,’ he says.

light collage opt3 300x209

Indeed, he sums it up in three steps, which are:

1)    Maximise the use of the internal space.

2)    See internally which walls you can use glass for – either complete floor-to-ceiling, or inserts within. Often this is tricky for a bedroom, say, but easy for a kitchen or living room.

3)    See if there are ways to increase the exterior windows and add roof lights.

‘It’s a logical sequence,’ says Waxman. ‘There’s no point in playing with the exterior until you know what you’re doing with the inside.’

But, inevitably, there are limitations, and not just when it comes to budget. ‘When you’re doing a refurbishment, you’re constrained by the existing structure,’ he says. ‘It’s not one size fits all. You have to look at each property from a fresh point of view.

And, as with most things in life, there’s always a downside. ‘Everything’s a compromise,’ he says. ‘On the one hand you can have a glass box and no privacy, or lots of privacy and little light. You have to decide what your priorities are.’

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Interior Design Inspiration Based on 20th Century Predictions of 21st Century Life

Let’s face it, interior design inspiration comes from many sources. From the emperor’s new clothing flaunted to overwrought excitement on the runways of Paris and Milan to the excruciatingly detailed descriptions of ever single room found in 19th century novels. But how about looking for interior design inspiration for real life in the 21st century based on predictions of what such a life would be like made back in the 20th century?

Such interior design inspiration would be based primarily on the predictions that started in the late 1950s when futuristic furniture was all the rage as a result of the Space Race making what was science fiction in the 1940s seem entirely possibly by the year 2001. Today, of course, those predictions of interior design seem wildly out of place. But do they have to remain so? Those peeks made in the past that looked to a future that has become our present still exist and there is no reason why your 21st Century home can’t seek to replicate as closely as possible what interior designers of the previous century predicted.

interior design inspiration landmass london 221x300

Interior Design Inspiration

The 21st Century/Retro 1960s interior design inspiration is driven by an abundance of plastic and metal. Especially unspeakably shiny metal with long, sleek lines and curves. The interior design of the 21st century based on the Futuristic inspirations of the 1960s features chairs designed for function at the unexpected cost of comfort, which is why so many of them still look completely outrageous. Curved plastic chairs that mold to the shape of your spine are definitely worth looking for if you are going to try going back to the future for the design of your interior. To get an idea of the materials you should be looking, take a look at those kooky psychedelic chairs shaped like flowers, hands or lips that seem to be directly inspired by the predictions of interior design of the future seen in A Clockwork Orange.

When it comes to the interior design of tables used in the 21st century, we we were supposed to be sitting mainly at geometric shapes like cubes or triangles. Apparently, geometry was a primary inspiration for what the future held in both residential and office design. The best type of cube table to find today are those with a smoky top that allows you to partially see right through them. Smoky translucence seems to be another 1960s prediction of 21st Century interior design that didn’t quite pan out.

One thing that interior designers of the 1960s who looked forward to the new millennium did get right was outrageous use of colour. The 1950s décor started this trend with its reliance on bizarrely popular hues like pistachio and lime green. By the time Jimi Hendrix choked on his own vomit, there was literally no colour that didn’t seem futuristic. Neon and Day-Glo rule the roost when it comes to colour and the brighter the better. One thing you definitely want to look for if you are to returning to 20th century predictions of the 21st century as your interior design inspiration is the retro-futuristic look of armchairs and sofas decorated with nearly every brash and vivid colour known to man. Don’t look for any discernible patterns; the greatest colour furniture of the 1960s peek into the future seemed to have been designed by someone who had just dropped acid. And that is probably the case. Or, if you prefer, you can opt for the flip side of 20th century forecasts for 21st century interior design: pure, sterile white as far as the eye can see.

When it comes to lighting fixtures that interior designs of the past thought would be the mainstay of the near-future, you want to focus almost exclusively on cylinders. For some reason, those interior designers were convinced that all lighting in the new millennium would shine forth from some sort of barrel-shaped columnar fixture. This may well have been as close to the 20th century design prophets got to being dead-on right. The fact is that there was something to the overreliance on pure geometry in the mindset of futuristic 1960s interior designers. It is not that hard for real life homeowners in the 21st century to find bold geometric designs when it comes to fixtures for lighting as well as sound. In addition to lamps and speakers, cylindrical shapes can easily be incorporated into interior design courtesy of everything from wall art to carpeting.  In fact, as long as the inspiration for your interior design focuses on geometrical shapes, you really can’t go wrong with heading back to the past to get a hold on what the future that is our present was supposed to look like.

For more interior design inspirations, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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Taking Inspiration from Loft Living for Your Luxury Property in London

If you live in the city of London, your space is bound to be smaller than it would be outside of the city.  Even if you buy a luxury property in London, you may still have to make the best use of the space that you have.  Fortunately, this can be done through the process of interior decoration.  You can create a feeling of luxury and abundance in any apartment, whether it’s a small one-bedroom or a large penthouse.

What Are Lofts?

These days, it’s very fashionable, in the city of New York, to live in a loft.  A loft wasn’t originally created to accommodate people but was used for industrial purposes instead.  Nowadays, given the shortage of space, lofts have been converted into living spaces and consist of large rooms which aren’t divided into the traditional living room, bedroom, kitchen etc.  Of course, you do need a separate space for your bathroom, but this is the only division you’ll find in a loft.

Taking Inspiration from Loft Living for Any Apartment

You may not think that such a space is very practical for living, but if you end up acquiring a property which is divided into many small rooms, you might want to consider taking inspiration from loft-living and breaking down some walls to create a bigger space.

The Bedroom and the Study

There’s obviously something to be said about the traditional breakdown of rooms into living room, bedroom, kitchen, study etc.  But if you want to create a feeling of space, you could have one large room which contains both, the bed as well as your study table.  At one side of the room, you could have your sleeping arrangements while on the other side, you could have your working arrangements.

The Kitchen and the Living Room

You could also break down the wall between your kitchen and living room and divide the two only with a counter and stools.

luxury properti london landmass 300x199 Luxury Interior Designers London Can Turn Your Bathroom Into a Place to Relax and Rejuvenate Yourself

Luxury Property London

Breaking All Barriers!

If you want to be really adventurous, you could just take down all your walls (except for the ones that are architecturally necessary) and just have one large room which you can use for all purposes—entertaining, sleeping, working and cooking.

Advantages of Undivided Living Spaces

The one great advantage of this method is that if you have a view, you’ll be able to take advantage of it at all times.  Plus, of course, you’ll have a great feeling of openness while you go about your daily routine.

Contact us for more tips about decorating your luxury property in London.

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Interior Design Styles: Combining Wood Textures and Colours To Create Space

These days, people tend to use less wood in their homes; although wood creates a homey feeling, it’s usually quite dark in colour and makes a space look smaller.  However, there are many interior design styles which use wood to create a great textured look and maintain the illusion of space.

The Importance of Space

Space is very important to anyone living in the great city of London because it’s not easy to come by.  If you were to invest in a property outside London, you could probably get a great deal more space for your money, but you would lose out on the conveniences of living in the city.  So if you have a home in London, you definitely want to make the best possible use of your space, and decorating with wooden accents can help you to do this.

interior design styles london 300x199 5 Beautiful Home Interior Design Styles

Interior Design Styles London

Creating Space with Wood Floors

Wood floors are wonderful, clean and, since the same pattern usually runs through the entire apartment or house, they create a great feeling of continuity.  Usually, wood floors are a medium brown colour, so they don’t make your space look smaller in any way.

Creating Space with Wooden Ceilings

Many people have wooden floors, but very few consider wooden ceilings.  Wooden beams in the ceiling might be quite common in log cabins in the mountains but don’t seem very urban.  However, wouldn’t it be nice to have some rustic elements in your urban home?  Once you get home from the busy city, you can pretend that you’re tucked away in the middle of nowhere with your significant other, a feeling that is emphasized with wooden accents.

In addition, keep in mind that you can combine light and dark woods to create ceiling or wall panels.  Blond wood can, in fact, help to increase your sense of sunlight and space.  So textured ceilings made of blond wood interspersed with dark wood will help create a natural yet expansive look.

Combining Light and Dark Woods in Furniture Arrangement

Similarly, you can go with furniture made of light wood combined with furniture made of dark wood.  As long as you keep a certain motif or theme running through the different pieces in your home, you can always experiment with wood colour and texture.  Contact us for more ways to incorporate wooden accents in your luxury property in London today.

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Luxury Interior Design: Five Trends for 2014

Luxury interior design techniques are always on trend and, as 2014 dawns, experts agree on a series of five design techniques that will be reoccurring over the next 12 months. If you’re considering a new look for your home, evaluate these style trends. As always, feel free to contact the design experts at Landmass London for creative, knowledgeable assistance.

1) Bejeweled Kitchens: The kitchen is truly the centerpiece of a home. Now, more than ever, unique design trends are emphasizing the functionality and beauty of this special room.

luxury interior design 300x200 Luxury Interior Design: Five Trends for 2014

Luxury Interior Design

In 2014, bold color palettes in gemstone shades of purple, green and red are complimented by elaborate or vintage light fixtures. They’re topped off with back splashes and countertops composed of synthetic materials that imitate semi-precious stones like agate and malachite.

2) Honey-tone wood: In stark contrast to the heavy, bold wood tones that were previously in vogue are 2014′s lighter, fresh colors like walnut and ash.

3) Turquoise: Brilliant, bold turquoise tones are taking over the interior design market. They’re in use for everything from accent cushions to upholstery to wall colors. Turquoise is the perfect compliment to all shades of brown, gray and black and ensures a unique, memorable tone for any room.

4) Hair on Hide: The unique textures of hair on hide furniture add a creative touch to every room. Chair cushions, lampshades and rugs have all embraced this style trend for 2014.

5) Indoor/Outdoor: Modern design styles have resulted in versatile, multi-purpose furniture appropriate for both living room and patio – the result is a unique twist on the expected interior decor styles!

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Luxury Interior Designers London Can Turn Your Bathroom Into a Place to Relax and Rejuvenate Yourself

Luxury Interior Designers London

Nowadays, it’s quite trendy to have luxurious bathrooms with bathtubs of various shapes and sizes, real rugs on the floor and a vanity table and chair where you can complete your toilette at leisure.  Still, many people just can’t get used to the idea that a bathroom can be more than just a convenience.  Most of us rush through our showers, throw on some deodorant or lotion, maybe a touch of face cream and run to the closet to decide what to wear.

Lighting Up the Bathroom

Instead of just being the place where you get clean, a bathroom can be a place to relax and rejuvenate yourself.  Luxury interior designers London can turn your bathroom into a place like this.

luxury interior designers london landmass 199x300 Luxury Interior Designers London Can Turn Your Bathroom Into a Place to Relax and Rejuvenate Yourself

Luxury Interior Designers London

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure that you have a lot of light.  Natural light is best.  So it’s great to have a bathroom with a clear window.  If you’re afraid that someone might see you au naturel, use a light curtain instead of cloudy glass in the windows.  This gives the bathroom a homey feeling.

Plants and Bathtubs

A couple of plants situated near the window or on the aforesaid vanity table will also make the room feel like a place where you can linger.

A full-size bathtub in which you can submerge your whole body is a must.  Often, people get stuck with bathtubs that are a size too small and they have to contort their bodies to get in.  So if you’re a tall person, buy a bathtub in which your body fits, or you won’t feel like getting into it.

Imagine lying around in a bathtub enjoying the sunlight.  It’s a heavenly feeling you can recreate if your window overlooks your bathtub.  Even if the light is diffuse, it can still make you feel relaxed.

Music and Wine

If you like listening to music while taking your bath, you could install a music system—maybe just a dock for your ipod—at a spot where it won’t get wet.

And a small vintage table next to your bathtub will double as a space to hold your bath necessities as well as a spot to balance your wine glass.

With all these amenities available to you in your bathroom, you’ll never want to leave.  Contact us for more ideas and tips on decorating the bathroom of your luxury property in London.

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